Nemo Roamer Double Review: Welcome To The Land of Foam and Comfort!

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If you’re still living with a basic air mattress or sleeping pad, the Nemo Roamer Double could change the way you think about sleeping in the woods.
Nemo Roamer Double - Introduction
Thick, luxurious foam for two: The Nemo Roamer Double delivers the goods for you and whoever is lucky enough to share it.

The Nemo Roamer Double

– Price: $399
– Weight: 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)
– R-Value: 6.0
– Dimensions: 78” x 52” x 4” (198cm x 132cm x 10cm)
– Packed Size: 26” x 11” (66cm x 28cm)
– Pad Type: Air & Foam
– What we like: Super comfortable, warm, easy to use
– What we don’t: Expensive, needs a top-up from time to time

The Wise Adventurer’s Verdict

Nemo Roamer Double - TWA Verdict
Spoiler alert: The Nemo Roamer Double is more comfortable than most home mattresses

This is our field test and review of the Nemo Roamer Double sleeping pad, a four-inch thick slab of cozy comfort that’s custom-tailored to car camping capers of all kinds. 

Big, luxurious sleeping pads like the Nemo Roamer are a relative newcomer to the outdoor gear market, but as far as we’re concerned, they couldn’t have come soon enough. In our experience, both sleeping on a traditional backpacking air pad and a giant inflatable mattress leave something to be desired when dozing outdoors, and the Nemo Roamer is the fix we’ve been waiting for. 

After spending a long weekend car camping with the Roamer, we’re pretty well enamored by its incredible comfort, warmth, and ease of use. This level of quality and design are exactly what we’ve come to expect from the folks at Nemo, a company founded by a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design who also happened to be a hardcore backcountry enthusiast. 

We tested the Roamer just as the folks at Nemo intended: Over a long weekend of car camping in a giant field, nestled inside a plus-sized camping tent and split between two adults. If you want to know more about our first-hand testing process and review procedure, you can check our full sleeping pads testing methodology.

Alright, grab your sleeping bag and camp pillow, it’s time to dive into the details of this plush pad for two. 

Detailed Evaluation Of The Nemo Roamer Double Sleeping Pad

Part of our yearly camping mattress testing, we spent three nights sleeping on the Roamer in a range of temperatures ranging from aggressively hot 80-degree nights to pleasantly chilly 50-degree evenings. During this time we evaluated all the most important aspects anyone should look for in a sleeping pad from warmth and comfort to more nuanced topics like setup, takedown, and overall durability.


If you’ve never experienced the luxury of a 4-inch thick foam sleeping pad before, the Roamer is a great introduction to the concept. These pads are degrees of magnitude better than the thickest air-filled mattresses out there, and we found the Roamer to be a better sleeping surface than several home mattresses we’ve owned in the past. 

Nemo Roamer Double - Comfort
Four inches of foam, a double sleeping bag, and plenty of room to stretch out: This is comfort at its finest.

This foam carries a few specific benefits. First, it’s thick and firm enough (when properly inflated) to easily accommodate both back and side sleepers without coming anywhere near the ground below. In fact, this much foam means you can lay your mattress over rocky ground or even directly into the bed of a truck and never feel the uneven surface beneath you. 

The other major benefit here is warmth, and while we’ll get into that in detail in the insulation section below, there’s simply never any question that this pad will leave you cold. Interestingly enough we also found the Roamer to be plenty comfortable on the warmer night of our weekend in the woods, and even with a “low” of 75 degrees, we were more than comfortable staying inside a summer-weight bag for the night. 

Weight And Packed Size

This is a giant sleeping pad for two people, which means weight and packed size probably aren’t big priorities if you’re considering buying one yourself. With that being said, we also found that both metrics were well above average here, making this the lightest and most packable double foam pad we’ve tested to date. 

Nemo Roamer Double - Weight and Packed Size
As far as two-person pads go, the Roamer is one of the lightest and most-compact you’ll find.

Despite its considerable size, the Roamer weighs in at well under 10 pounds. Using the included carry sack, you pretty much just throw it over your arm and forget about it, which is high praise for a mattress this large (if you’ve ever had to haul an inflatable queen bed around camp, you know what we mean). 

The same goes for packed size, as the Roamer stuffs down easily to about the size of a heavy-duty camp chair. This means you don’t need a pickup truck or a large SUV to bring a big bed out to the woods, which will add further value for many owners. 


The Nemo Roamer Double uses a 4-inch layer of “cored” foam to handle insulation duty, which gives it a cold-weather-ready R-value of 6.0. That’s cold enough for temperatures well below freezing, mind you, no secondary closed-cell foam pad required. 

Nemo Roamer Double - Insulation
Nemo’s slab of foam insulates on even the coldest nights, but it’s also incredibly comfortable in warm weather when used with the right sleeping bag.

We haven’t had a chance to test the Roamer in freezing temperatures yet, but we have no doubt this pad delivers the goods. We’ve had a few of its direct competitors with similar R values like the Sea To Summit Comfort Deluxe in sub-freezing conditions with outstanding results, so we know foam works. 

We’ll also give the Roamer Double props here for still being an extremely comfortable pad in warmer conditions as well. We spent a 70-degree night on top of the roamer and never felt that it “ran too hot” in the middle of a Tennessee summer, which adds considerable versatility to the pad’s appeal. 

Ease Of Use 

Big sleeping pads like this can be a real bear when it’s time to set them up, and even worse when it’s time to pack them back down. We were pleasantly surprised with the Roamer in this regard, and found it to be one of the easiest plus-sized pads we’ve ever lived with.

Nemo Roamer Double - Ease of Use
With a little help from our knees, the Roamer is arguably the easiest-packing two-person sleeping pad we’ve purchased to date.

Setup wise we found that inflating the Roamer with the included pump sack didn’t take nearly as long as anticipated. It took us around five minutes to take the pad from out of the bag to fully inflated, but we could have put in even less effort if we’d given it time to “self-inflate” by sitting in the tent for a few minutes with the valves open. 

Where the pad really shined, however, was packing up camp for the weekend. Rival pads like the Exped MegaMat Duo have been notoriously burdensome to deflate and roll back up after a weekend of use, but we had no issue getting the roamer folded back down and rolled into its bag. You’ll definitely want to enlist your knees to keep the whole assembly in check, but we were easily able to get the pad packed back down with a single tester in a few minutes. 


There’s no better way to find out how tough your sleeping pad is than to share it with a dog. Luckily for us, we happened to bring our 6-month-old puppy along for the weekend, razor-sharp nails and all. 

Despite our pup’s nightly restless voyages across the surface of the pad, the fabric held up well, and we never experienced the dreaded “pop-and-leak” scenario that keeps many of us up at night after buying a premium pad. This is largely due to Nemo’s tough but stretchy surface fabric, which is remarkably durable while still feeling nice and soft against the skin.

Nemo Roamer Double - Durability
Guilty as charged: Our new rescue pup did his part in durability testing.

We also appreciate that Nemo specced the underside of the Roamer with a heavy-duty 75D PU-impregnated polyester, which gave us peace of mind when inflating or rolling up the pad in a field of tough grass and thorny weeds. It’s the kind of material that we’d feel comfortable throwing in the bed of a truck with our other gear, storage sack or not, which is a big vote of confidence for the Roamer. 

Of course Nemo also includes a handy patch kit with the Roamer, which we didn’t have to use, but it’s always nice to have just in case. We also appreciate that the Roamer’s included pump sack is made from a similarly burly (and completely airtight) material as well, so generally speaking, we expect every aspect of this pad to be long-lasting and hard-wearing. 


The Nemo Roamer Double currently retails for just under $400, which puts it more or less in line with other premium plus-sized pads like the Exped MegaMat Duo 10 or Sea to Summit Comfort Deluxe. There are thicker and more expensive pads out there like the Mega Mat 15 or Hest Dually, but there are also thinner and more affordable options like the Sea to Summit Comfort Plus, Exped DeepSleep, and Big Agnes Rapide SL. 

Nemo Roamer Double - Value
There are larger foam pads out there like the Exped MegaMat Duo 10 seen here, but the Roamer is still plenty big for two to share comfortably.

That means that ultimately the value of this pad comes down to its comfort, versatility, and durability in comparison to the competition, and as of this writing we’ve found the Roamer to be a worthwhile purchase. It wasn’t quite as firm and supportive as our beloved MegaMat Duo, but it was much more compact and easy to live with, both in terms of inflation and repacking. 

The Roamer’s tendency to slowly leak air throughout the night was the only real stain on its record as far as we’re concerned, but again, we’re talking about losing some firmness over an 8 hour stretch, not waking up laying on the hard ground in the middle of the night. Ultimately we think it’s a smart buy for campers wanting an incredibly warm and comfortable pad that packs down surprisingly small compared to its inflated size, and the fact that it’s backed by Nemo’s outstanding lifetime warranty adds peace of mind to a sizeable investment. 

What We Like

Nemo Roamer Double - What We Like
Unlike most plus-sized pads, inflating and deflating the Roamer is a total breeze.

Our biggest takeaways from a weekend with the Roamer were comfort and convenience. The Roamer is everything you’d want from a big, premium sleeping pad, and its thick foam and air construction will keep you warm and comfortable, even over cold rocky ground. 

Convenience-wise, this is one of the quickest and easiest inflating pads we’ve used, especially considering its size. We typically resort to a rechargeable air pump for competitors like the Exped MegaMat Duo, but with the Roamer we found the included pump sack worked quick enough on its own. 

We’ll also note that getting the Roamer Double back into the bag was a surprising highlight of the weekend. Typically big pads like this have to be wrestled into submission to get them anywhere near their original packed size, but the Roamer required little to no struggle and was an easy solo operation from start to finish. 

What We Don’t Like

Nemo Roamer Double - What We Dont Like
The Roamer is an ideal pad for glamping duty, but it’s got some still competition out there for the money.

Our biggest complaint with the Roamer was that over the course of the night, it always seemed to lose a little air. We never woke up with a deflated pad or a hip digging into the ground, mind you, but the pad was clearly less firm in the morning than it had been at night, and required a little “top-up” air each evening before bed. 

Apart from that our only real complaint here is price, especially considering the comfort and quality of the competition, both at the same and slightly lower prices. We feel the Roamer would be an absolute steal if you can catch it during a big sale at REI or similar retailers, but there are a few pads out there from brands like Zempire and REI Co-op that deliver similar (albeit less premium featured) experiences for a bit less cash. 


  • Exped MegaMat Duo 10: A direct competitor that delivers an outstanding night’s sleep for two at the same price point. Just like finding a good mattress for your bedroom at home, the decision comes down to your personal sleeping preferences. Read our full test and review of the Exped MegaMat Duo 10…
  • REI Co-op Camp Dreamer Double: A budget-friendly way to get into a big foam pad for two. Lacks the packability and tech of the Roamer, but delivers outstanding comfort for the money. 
  • HEST Dually Sleeping Pad: The epitome of car camping comfort: Costs more than most home mattresses, but is also more comfortable than most home mattresses. It’s big and bulky, but if you’ve got the space, it can’t be beaten. 

The Bottom Line

The Nemo Roamer Double is the kind of pad that can convert non-campers into outdoor lovers. The Roamer’s plush four inches of supportive foam and outstanding ease of use make it a joy for two campers to share, or a decadent treat for anyone car camping solo that likes to stretch out. 

It’s got some tough competition out there from similarly priced and similarly premium options from the likes of Exped and Sea to Summit, but ultimately the Roamer holds its own and delivers the exact kind of sleeping experience you’d expect from a pad this plush. Having to top off the pad before bed each night was a bit of a bummer, but it’s also pretty common for large pads like these, and apart from that, we have no complaints with the Roamer as a cozy companion for car camping outings. 

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