Best RV Water Pumps For Life On The Open Road

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The best RV water pumps make weak showers and slow faucets a thing of the past with better water pressure, less noise, and more reliability.
Best RV Water Pumps - Introduction
Whether you’re using hook-ups or out boondocking, a good water pump makes the most of your RV’s creature comforts. 

This is The Wise Adventurer’s roundup of the best RV water pumps for rigs of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether you’re pulling an ultralight Scamp or riding high on the hog in a shiny new Class A, every camper deserves to shower under blissfully strong water pressure at the end of a long day, and a quality water pump is the only thing you need to make it happen.

After testing and analyzing dozens of options currently on the market, we found the Seaflo 55 Series to be the best RV water pump overall. We love the 55 Series because it delivers luxuriously strong water pressure and a high enough flow rate to power multiple appliances simultaneously, but costs significantly less than other premium pumps. 

The Seaflo 55 won’t be the best option for everyone though. Some RV owners are using smaller rigs that don’t require as much power, some may only need to run a single appliance, and others may just want a reliable pump for the best price possible. 

Wherever you fall on that spectrum, we’ve selected a variety of pumps to suit every kind of camper in the list below. And, if you’re not quite sure what kind of pump your RV needs or how to choose one, make sure you check out our handy buyer’s guide down at the bottom, where we break down each of the important factors to consider when choosing a water pump. 

Alright, let’s dive in!

Water PumpOverview
Seaflo 55 Series: Best RV Water Pump OverallA high-powered pump that delivers premium features and strong water pressure for multiple appliances at a great price. See Review
Remco PowerRV Aquajet: Highest Overall QualityA robust pump with sophisticated electronics that automatically adjust its output to match demand. Highly capable and surprisingly quiet. See Review
Shurflo Revolution 4008: Best RV Water Pump On A BudgetA popular upgrade to lackluster OEM pumps that improves water pressure and multi-appliance performance. Well made and affordable. See Review
USA Adventure ProGear 3200: Best Budget AlternativeAn incremental upgrade in performance and reliability over the popular Shurflo Revolution for a few dollars more. See Review
Seaflo 21 Series: Best Single Appliance PumpAn extremely compact pump that’s perfect for low-demand, single appliance applications. Exceptionally low draw works well with less robust electrical systems. See Review

Best RV Water Pumps Of 2023

Seaflo 55 Series Diaphragm Pump: Best RV Water Pump Overall

Best RV Water Pumps - Seaflo 55 Series Diaphragm Pump

– Shutter Pressure: 60 PSI (4.1 bar)
– Flow rate: 5.5 GPM (20.8 LPM)
– Size: 8.5” x 5.8” x 5.2” (22cm x 15cm x 13cm)
– Price: $$

Taking our top honors as the best RV water pump overall is the Seaflo 55 Series, a fully-featured pump with a surprisingly affordable price. If you’ve been living with lackluster water pressure in your showers, sinks, or hoses, the 55 series is the upgrade you’re looking for. 

With an impressive 5.5 GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate and a 60 PSI shutoff, the 55 Series is designed to power up to five RV appliances simultaneously. Seaflo also includes their “Variable Flow Technology” in the 55 Series, which uses an internal bypass system to provide adjustable pressure for each of your appliances, so they’ll function just like your typical sink/shower back at home. 

We also love the 55 Series because despite its mid-shelf price, Seaflo includes some seriously premium features in its construction. The internal bypass system, for instance, also prevents low-flow cycling (and removes the need for an accumulator tank), which, combined with the 5-chamber diaphragm, makes for an impressively quiet pump.

You’re also getting built-in thermal protection with this pump to protect against fire hazards, as well as self-priming functionality and run-dry protection to keep the pump from being damaged when your water tank runs empty. To make things even sweeter, this cut-rate pump carries a 4-year warranty from the manufacturer as well, so if you’re hesitant to switch brands in the name of reliability, you can rest assured knowing your investment is protected. 

Truth be told we don’t have any major complaints with the Seaflow 55-Series.This is a pump that does everything well, is well built, well protected, and fairly priced. The one caveat we’d point out here is that this high-powered pump uses more electricity than some with a maximum draw of 15 amps, but the typical RVs it’s designed for shouldn’t have any issues in that regard. 

– Excellent flow rate and pressure
– Great value for the money
– Runs quiet with no low-flow cycling
– Higher power draw than some

Remco PowerRV Aquajet: Highest Overall Quality

Best RV Water Pumps - Remco PowerRV Aquajet

– Shutter Pressure: 65 PSI (4.5 bar)
– Flow rate: 5.3 GPM (20 LPM)
– Size: 10” x 4.8” x 4.6”  (25cm x 12cm x 12cm)
– Price: $$$

If you want the best in the business and are willing to spend to get it, check out the Remco PowerRV Aquajet. This pump lacks for nothing in build quality, sophistication, or power, making it an easy pick for the highest overall quality. 

The key to the Remco Aquajet is its impressive electronics suite: Remco designed the Aquajet’s electric motor to automatically adjust its operating speed as you open and close your RV’s various fixtures, which means you’ll always get optimal water pressure whether you’re using the sink, shower, toilet, or all three at once. 

This variable speed control also makes for a much quieter pump than the competition, and Remco claims the Aquajet is up to 90% quieter than other manufacturers’ diaphragm pumps. That’s particularly impressive considering the Aquajet is also one of the most powerful pumps on the market, delivering up to 5.3 GPM of water with a 65 PSI shut-off rating. 

The Remco Aquajet gets high marks from a protection standpoint as well. The design integrates an automatic shutoff feature for thermal protection, as well as built-in protection against low voltage damage and a safety bypass that protects your RV’s plumbing system from excessive pressure. 

The main barrier to entry for most RV’ers here will be price, and make no mistake, the Remco PowerRV Aquajet is one of the most expensive diaphragm pumps on the market. We’ll also point out that at 10 inches long, it’s one of the largest pumps on the market as well, so compact RV and camper owners will want to double-check those measurements before ordering. 

– Outstanding pressure and flow rate
– Automatic pressure adjustment for multiple appliances
– One of the quietest pumps on the planet
– Expensive
– Larger than most

Shurflo Revolution 4008: Best On A Budget

Best RV Water Pumps - Shurflo Revolution 4008

– Shutter Pressure: 55 PSI (3.8 bar)
– Flow rate: 3.0 GPM (11.4 LPM)
– Size: 8.1” x 4.9” x 4.3” (20cm x 12cm x 11cm)
– Price: $

While state-of-the-art 5 diaphragm pumps like the two above are attractive options, most small to mid-sized RV owners actually don’t need that much power for their rigs. That’s why we’re fans of the Shurflo Revolution, which delivers high-flow performance for well under $100. 

With a 3.0 GPM rating and 55 PSI shut-off, the Revolution packs more than enough power to deliver the water pressure RV owners want and should have no issues running two or even three appliances simultaneously. We’ll also give the Revolution props for its outstanding efficiency, as all that power only comes at the cost of a maximum 7.5 amp draw. 

Integrated thermal protection and run-dry protection add even more bang for the buck to this little powerhouse, as does Shurflo’s “Flow Reaction Technology” which helps cut down on excessive noise, vibration, and pump cycling. 

There’s no denying that the Shurflo Revolution is a ton of RV water pump for the money, but if you’re considering the Shurflo yourself, here are a few drawbacks to keep in mind. First, while the Revolution is a solid upgrade over older models like the Shurflow 2088, its simplified one-piece diaphragm design and low-flow cycling system make it a bit noisier than most of the competition. It’s also worth pointing out that Shurflo only offers a two-year warranty for the Revolution, which is roughly half the length of other leading brands on our list.

– Great performance for the money
– Cost-effective upgrade for older pumps
– Integrated thermal and run-dry protection
– Lower GPM than more premium options
– Shorter warranty than most

USA Adventure ProGear 3200: Best Budget Alternative

Best RV Water Pumps - USA Adventure ProGear 3200

– Shutter Pressure: 55 PSI (3.8 bar)
– Flow rate: 3.3 GPM (12.5 LPM)
– Size: 4.8” x 9.1” x 4.6” (12cm x 23cm x 12cm)
– Price: $

If you’re digging the affordability of our budget pick but don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for some extra peace of mind, the ProGear 3200 from USA Adventure is a smart buy that delivers a ton of value for the money. 

Virtually everything about the ProGear 3200 is an upgrade over the Shurflo 4008 and 2088 pumps, which makes sense because USA Adventure designed it as a direct replacement for both. This includes a slightly increased flow rate of 3.3 GPM, a refined (and quieter) three-chamber diaphragm design, and a greatly improved  four-year consumer warranty.  

You’re still getting automatic pressure shut-off to protect your RV’s plumbing, as well as protection from run-dry damage and an automatic thermal shut-off.  USA Adventure Gear also claims that the ProGear 3200’s internal bypass system eliminates rapid cycling during low-flow applications, which translates to “less annoying racket” for the life of the pump. 

With that being said, while the ProGear 3200 is a clear improvement over most OEM RV water pumps, it’s still a budget-focused pump. That means it’s a bit louder than some of the premium options on our list as well as a bit less powerful, although again, 3.3 GPM will be more than enough power for most small to mid-sized RVs. 

– Very affordable
– Improved flow and reliability over OEM pumps
– Made in the USA and backed with a 4-year warranty
– Louder than more premium options
– Costs more than most OEM replacements

Seaflo 21 Series: Best Single Appliance Pump

Best RV Water Pumps - Seaflo 21 Series

– Shutter Pressure: 35 PSI US (2.4 bar)
– Flow rate: 1.2 GPM (4.3 LPM)
– Size: 6.5” x 3.8” x 2.5”  (17cm x 10cm x 6cm)
– Price: $

We’ve highlighted some pretty impressive pumps here, but we haven’t forgotten about the little guys either. If you’re running a simple camper van, pop-up, or tear-drop style camper that only runs a single appliance (typically a sink), the Seaflo 21 Series is the pump you’re looking for. 

The 21 Series is Seaflo’s most compact pump, and also happens to be one of the most efficient RV water pumps we’ve ever seen. This little wonder delivers a 1.2 GPM flow (ideal for a simple sink) at 35 PSI, yet draws just 1.7 amps of power from your rig’s electric system. This makes it a great option for smaller campers with less robust power needs, and a great option for simple solar setups. 

What’s even more impressive is that despite the Seaflo 21 Series’ diminutive stature and affordable price, it packs a ton of impressive tech. This includes an automatic pressure switch, a self-priming design, run-dry damage protection, and an automatic thermal shutoff. We’ll also note that this tiny pump is the closest thing to a completely silent pump we’ve ever seen, making it a prime candidate for the tight quarters of smaller rigs. 

The 21 Series is a great RV water pump overall, and we can’t recommend it highly enough for single appliance duty. It’s extremely limited both in flow rate and pressure, but if used as intended, we expect this little pump to serve you reliably long after its four-year warranty has expired. 

– Lightweight and compact
– Ideal for single fixture applications
– Inexpensive
– Extremely limited flow rate and pressure

Buyer’s Guide to the Best RV Water Pumps

Each of the pumps above was selected for its combination of performance, convenience, and safety. We look at a few different metrics to evaluate each, so whether you’re considering one of our picks from the roundup or looking at another model we didn’t mention, here are the specifics you’ll want to look out for.

Water Pump Flow Rates, Explained

Flow rate describes the total volume of water an RV pump can process, and is typically expressed as either gallons per minute (GPM) or liters per minute (LPM). As the name suggests, this number represents the maximum amount of water that your pump can flow to your faucets, showers, hoses, and other appliances. 

This number is important for a few different reasons: You want to ensure any pump you’re considering can flow enough water for your RV’s needs. The best RV water pumps typically fall between 3.0 and 5.5 GPM, and larger RVs with more intricate plumbing systems typically require larger, higher-flowing pumps. A larger pump isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for all campers though. 

Best RV Water Pumps - Water Pump Flow Rates
Pumps with higher flow rates can deliver more water to a higher number of appliances simultaneously.

Smaller RVs and campers that rarely (if ever) need to run two appliances at once have little to no use for a more powerful pump. It’s important to keep in mind that larger pumps also typically draw more electricity, and “upgrading” your existing 3.0 GPM pump to a larger 5.5 GPM pump could create issues for both your plumbing and electrical systems. 

Water Pressure

Water pressure refers to the maximum pressure at which your pump can push water through your plumbing, typically expressed in pounds per square inch, or “PSI.” Much like your pump’s flow rate, the best practice here is to match your pump’s water pressure with whatever your RV’s plumbing was designed to handle, but there’s typically a fair amount of “wiggle room” here as well. 

Best RV Water Pumps - Water Pressure
A high-pressure pump makes all the difference between a great shower and a disappointing trickle. 

For reference, the lowest pressure most RV water pumps run is 35 PSI, as this is the minimum pressure typically required to flow a steady stream of water from a faucet. Anything less and you’ll likely end up with something between a sporadic drip and no flow at all. 

Of course if your RV’s plumbing is rated to handle more pressure, you should absolutely take advantage of it. A higher-pressure pump (some high-performance models go as high as 65 PSI or more before shutting off) delivers a stronger stream of water, which makes for more enjoyable showers and easier cleaning at the sink. 


Even the largest RVs are designed to make the most of their available space, and for this reason, your water pump is typically stored in pretty tight quarters. That means unless you want to deal with relocating your pump and re-routing your water lines, chances are you’ll want a plug-and-play replacement that fits within the same confines as your existing pump. 

Often, this means the easiest solution is to replace your current pump with the exact same brand/model, but many RV owners prefer to upgrade their water pump once it goes bad. If you’re considering a new model yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Best RV Water Pumps - Size
For smaller rigs like these, you often don’t have much space for a larger pump or an alternative mounting location.  

First, you’ll want to measure the dimensions of your existing pump (length, width, and depth), and also take note of any additional space available around it. Some systems leave plenty of room around the tank for a variety of mounting options, but others (particularly smaller RVs and campers) are very cramped. Some pumps are even mounted directly onto a space in the tank itself, so you’ll need to do your research on this.

Second, unless you’re using a pump that’s designated as a direct replacement for your current model, you’ll need to take more than just its external dimensions into account. There’s also the routing of the hoses to allow for, and while most brands/models use the same type of fittings on their pumps, the alignment of the hoses and motor can vary.


All RV water pumps make noise to one degree or another, and not all noise is a bad thing when you’re boondocking. Don’t get us wrong, you don’t want a pump that’s so loud it’s annoying or intrusive, but personally, we like to know when our pump is working and when it isn’t during our road trips

Best RV Water Pumps - Noise
A little noise is a good thing, but don’t let your water pump ruin the tranquility of boondocking gems like this. 

Most RV water pump manufacturers don’t list their actual noise levels in decibels, so this metric can be a tough one to evaluate until you have a pump in hand. We consider pumps that advertise low noise levels to be a step in the right direction, but we also recommend reading through other customer reviews for best results. It’s worth noting that in our experience pumps with a higher number of diaphragm chambers run quieter than those with fewer, but this isn’t necessarily true across the board. 

Thermal Protection

RV water pumps operate using 12V electric motors, and electric motors generate heat. While it’s rare that a water pump gets hot enough to start a fire, it has happened before, so we prefer to air on the side of caution in this regard.

Best RV Water Pumps - Thermal Protection
It’s rare, but it happens: Some RV fires are caused by overheating pumps, so thermal protection is a must. 

To that end, we look for pumps with integrated thermal protection, and won’t even consider those without it. In short, an RV water pump with thermal protection will automatically shut off if it reaches a certain temperature, which prevents fires and can also lengthen the life of the pump itself. 

The Wise Adventurer’s Verdict

Best RV Water Pumps - TWA Verdict
The Seaflo Series 55: Our pick for the best RV water pump overall. 

Taking all the above into account, we found the Seaflo Series 55 to be the best RV water pump overall. The Series 55’s combination of excellent performance, added safety features, and value-added pricing makes it a standout pump even for the largest multi-appliance RVs. 

Of course if only the best will do (and you’ve got the money to spend), we recommend taking a look at the Remco Aquajet. This pump lacks nothing in terms of power, performance, and protection, and also benefits from refined electronics that deliver consistently strong water pressure without any added noise. 

Both are great pumps, but we know they’ll be overkill for some campers. That’s why we recommend checking out either the Shurflo Revolution or the ProGear 3200, which both deliver upgraded performance over most factory pumps at wallet-friendly prices. And of course, if you’re keeping vanlife as simple as possible and rolling with a single-appliance setup, the Seaflo 21 series delivers premium fixtures and minimal power draw at an outstanding price point. 

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