Best Portable Hammock Stands For Relaxing Anywhere, Anytime

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No trees? No problem. The best portable hammock stands give you a place to hang anywhere from beside the ocean to the middle of the desert.
Best Portable Hammock Stand - Introduction
The Kammok Swiftlet: Our choice for the best portable hammock stand overall.

We can all appreciate a good hammock hang, but we don’t all have a great place to hang them. For this reason, traditional hammock stands are a common sight on back porches, in backyards, or even beside the pool, but these sturdy wood and steel behemoths aren’t exactly travel friendly. That’s where the best portable hammock stands come into play. 

Portable hammock stands allow us to hang and relax pretty much anywhere we can take a standard camp chair, and most of them set up and tear down just as easily. After testing and analyzing the dozens of options currently on the market, we found the Kammok Swiftlet to be the best portable hammock stand money can buy. We love the Swiftlet’s outright quality and versatility, and its surprisingly light 17 pound weight is impressively easy to tote around as well. 

The Swiftlet won’t be for everyone though, and there are several reasons for that. Maybe you’re looking to hang a spreader bar hammock, maybe you’re looking to lounge with a partner, or maybe you’re just not looking to drop a few hundred bucks in the same amount of relaxation. Rest assured, in our list below we’ve included something for every sort of hammock, on every kind of budget. 

If you’re new to portable hammock stands entirely and aren’t quite sure what you need, make sure to check out the buyer’s guide down below as well. There we’ll cover everything you need to know about what makes any good stand worth buying in the first place from portability to weather protection. 

Alright, let’s get into it!

Kammok Swiftlet: Best Portable Hammock Stand OverallLightweight, portable, and incredibly user-friendly. Versatile setup options work as a hammock or a chair.
See Review
Eno Nomad Stand: Best Overall QualityThe lightest and most portable design on the market. Its 8 legs design is stable on any surface. See Review
Lazy Daze Portable Hammock Stand: Best On A BudgetA rock solid stand for under $100 that works with all hammock types. Extra capacity is ideal for double hammocks. See Review
Grand Trunk Hangout Hammock StandHigh quality steel design is utterly bulletproof. Excellent balance of premium quality and affordability.
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Best Portable Hammock Stand

Kammok Swiftlet : Best Portable Hammock Stand Overall

Best Portable Hammock Stands - Kammok Swiftlet

– Weight capacity: 300 lbs (136.1 kg)
– Carry case: No
– Overall weight: 17.3 lbs (7.8 kg)
– Folded dimensions: 50” x 9” x 9” (127cm x 23cm x 23cm)
– Unfolded dimensions: 96” x 41” x 48” (244cm x 104cm x 122cm)
– Materials: Aluminum
– Price: $$$ 

Taking top honors as our best overall portable hammock stand is the Kammok Swiftlet. This unique stand is easily the most premium and feature rich currently on the market, and lacks nothing in terms of quality or craftsmanship. 

In terms of outright portability, the Swiftlet is made entirely from sturdy rust-resistant aluminum, which keeps its weight down to an impressive 17.3 pounds. The Swiftlet also happens to be one of the most compact models in terms of length, outclassed only by the collapsing pole design of the Eno Nomad below. 

What really sets the Swiftlet apart, however, is its smart construction. Kammok ships the Swiftlet with both a long and short center bar, which allows you to adjust the stand’s footprint to function as a full size stand for lounging, or as a compact stand that converts your hammock into a chair. Simply swap out the push-button release bar (no tools needed), adjust the mounting points using a pair of spring-loaded knobs, and you’re good to go. This is by far the most versatile and convenient adjustment system on the market, and makes the Swiftlet well worth the investment.

For 99% of people, the Kammok Swiftlet will be about as close to perfect as money can buy, but it does have a few notable shortcomings as well. The first and most obvious is price, as the Swiftlet is the second-most expensive model on our list. Apart from that, the only real drawback here is that the Swiftlet was designed for use with traditional synthetic outdoors hammocks like the Kammok Roo or Eno Doublenest, and as such, it isn’t intended to support spreader bar designs. We’ll also point out that the 300 pound weight capacity may be cutting it close if you’re looking to double up in your hammock, but as long as you keep the Swiftlet’s limits in mind, we expect this one to last for a lifetime of enjoyment. 

– Lightweight
– Weatherproof
– Versatile setup options
– User-friendly setup
– Lower capacity isn’t ideal for double hammocks
– Doesn’t work with spreader bar hammocks
– Expensive

Eno Nomad Stand: Best Overall Quality

Best Portable Hammock Stands - Eno Nomad Stand

– Weight capacity: 300 lbs (136.1 kg)
– Carry case: Yes
– Overall weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
– Folded dimensions: 34” x 11” x 10” (86cm x 28cm x 25cm)
– Unfolded dimensions: 165” x 56” x 50” (419cm x 142cm x 127cm)
– Materials: Aluminum
– Price: $$$

Eno is the first name in outdoors hammocks for most campers. As such, it should come as no surprise that their take on the portable hammock stand was an easy choice for best overall quality with the Eno Nomad Stand.

Eno takes a unique approach here by swapping out the uprights of a conventional hammock stand for a pair of collapsing aluminum legs held together with a matching aluminum ridgeline. The result is a hammock that is suspended from above rather than supported below, and the design comes with a few unique dividends. 

The first is that the segmented aluminum poles are highly durable, but also lightweight and impressively compact: At just 34 inches long and weighing in at 15 pounds, the Nomad is substantially lighter and smaller than anything else on the market. If you’ve got a smaller vehicle and want something that’s trunk friendly, this is the stand you’re looking for. 

The second benefit of the Eno’s 8-leg design is that it’s incredibly stable anywhere you put it. The Nomad deploys with ease over anything from rocky terrain to deep sand, and stays rock solid with zero wobbling whatsoever. 

The main drawbacks of the Eno’s lightweight design are much the same as the Kammok above: This portable stand was designed primarily for outdoors hammocks, and as such, you won’t be able to wedge a spreader bar design comfortably between its uprights. The Eno is also slightly more expensive than the Kammok, and shares its somewhat limited 300-pound capacity, but if you’re looking for the lightest and most compact option out there, there’s nothing else like the Eno Nomad. 

– Super light and portable
– Easy setup
– 8 legs design is stable on any surface
– Lower weight capacity isn’t ideal for double hammocks
– Doesn’t work with spreader bar hammocks
– Expensive

Lazy Daze Portable Hammock Stand: Best On A Budget

Best Portable Hammock Stands - Lazy Daze Potable Hammock Stand

– Weight capacity: 450 lbs (204.1 kg)
– Carry case: Yes
– Overall weight: 36 lbs (16.3 kg)
– Folded dimensions: 52” x 10” x 8” (132cm x 25cm x 20cm)
– Unfolded dimensions: 108” x 43” x 38” (274cm x 109cm x 97cm)
– Materials: Steel
– Price:

Aluminum frame hammock stands are tough to beat from a portability standpoint, but not everyone is looking to drop $200+ on their hammock setup. If you’re willing to sacrifice a little weight to keep extra cash in your pocket, take a look at the Lazy Daze Portable Hammock Stand

At under $100, Lazy Daze stands are some of the least expensive in the game, but they’re far from cheap in terms of quality. The rugged steel construction of the Lazy Daze boasts the highest capacity of any stand on our list at a whopping 450 pounds, which is plenty for two adults to enjoy worry-free. 

We also appreciate that although this stand is one of the most compact on our list in terms of overall length, its wrap-around design provides enough space for pretty much any hammock type. That includes even the largest double spreader bar models, so regardless of what you’re working with, chances are the Lazy Daze will do the trick. 

Your main drawback here is that the frame and materials are very basic, with a simple painted steel body and stainless steel hooks and wingnuts handling the hanging duties. This cost-saving construction makes for the heaviest hammock stand in our roundup at 36 pounds, and also lacks the added weather protection of aluminum or even powder coated steel options. Still, the price is undeniably attractive here, and the Lazy Daze’s ability to accommodate pretty much any hammock makes a strong case against more premium (and much more expensive) options.

– Super affordable
– Plenty of capacity for two
– Works with pretty much any hammock type
– Simple painted frame is more prone to rust
– Heavy

Grand Trunk Hangout Hammock Stand 

Best Portable Hammock Stands - Grand Trunk Hangout Hammock Stand

– Weight capacity: 400 lbs (181.4 kg)
– Carry case: Yes
– Overall weight: 34 lbs (15.4 kg)
– Folded dimensions: 62” x 17” x 3” (157cm x 43cm x 8cm)
– Unfolded dimensions: 138” x 48” x 48” (351cm x 122cm x 122cm)
– Materials: Steel
– Price: $$

If you’re looking for an extra tough portable stand that’s not too tough on your wallet, check out the Grand Trunk Hangout. Grand Trunk made a name for themselves by designing Eno-quality hammocks at dirt cheap prices, and their Hangout hammock stand follows suit in that regard. 

With a burly 400-pound capacity and enough space to hang just about any hammock (including most spreader bar designs), the Hangout is a ton of stand for the money. The frame is made from tough steel tubing, which is both powder coated and treated with an anti-corrosion coating for added weather resistance. Grand Trunk backs this tank with a lifetime guarantee as well, which adds peace of mind for folks leaving them out on the porch or taking them for regular trips to the beach.

Ease of use is also a highlight of the Grand Trunk. This stand goes together using simple push-button fittings (like a beach umbrella), so there are no screws to fumble with or hardware to potentially lose. The mounting system relies on an 18” strap with multiple attachment points, so the Hangout will comfortably accommodate hammocks of different lengths without leaving your butt hovering an inch off the ground. 

In terms of drawbacks, the Grand Trunk suffers the same issues as any heavy duty steel frame stand: At 34 pounds, it’s not exactly lightweight, and even when it’s packed down into its carry case, you’re still looking at a bag that’s over 5 feet long. Still, there’s a strong argument to be made for its outright durability and versatility, so if you’re looking for a stand that’ll last a lifetime, this one is tough to beat. 

– Durable
– Solid weather protection
– Reasonable price
– On the heavier side
– Still over 5 feet long when packed

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Portable Hammock Stands

The best portable hammock stands allow us to take our hangs just about anywhere we want, and give us the ability to lounge in areas where conventional hammock straps just won’t cut it. That might be the beach, the open desert, or just your own back porch, but wherever you’re headed, a good stand has you covered. 

Finding the right stand for your hammock isn’t particularly complicated, but there are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind to find the right fit. Whether you’re considering a stand from the list above or looking at a model we haven’t covered, here are the main points to remember when making a selection.

Weight Capacity

Just like the hammocks they hold, every hammock stand comes with a weight limit. Any hammock stand worth buying will have more than enough capacity to hold a single user (300 lbs is considered the minimum standard), but some are considerably tougher than others. 

Best Portable Hammock Stands - Weight Capacity
Steel may be heavier and bulkier than aluminum, but when it comes to outright weight capacity, steel frames like the Grand Trunk Hangout seen here have their advantages.

If you’re planning on hanging solo, pretty much any stand on the market will suit your purpose. If you’re planning on using a double hammock with a second sleeper, however, we recommend sticking to stands with at least a 400-pound capacity, although more is always better for peace of mind. 


Your main concern with size should be making sure that your hammock of choice fits into your portable hammock stand. Many stands include adjustable mounting points that allow for longer or shorter models, but few stands offer a truly “universal” fitment for all hammocks. 

Best Portable Hammock Stands - Size
Some hammock stands, like the Eno Nomad seen here, are only designed to accommodate outdoor-style hammocks and won’t work with larger “backyard” models.

The other thing to keep in mind here is the total size of a stand when it’s assembled. Ideally you want as compact a footprint as possible, which will come in handy when looking for a spot to hang on a crowded beach or fitting your hammock onto a porch or deck with limited space. 


While all of the hammock stands in the list above are technically portable, some are definitely easier to live with than others. Convenience is the name of the game here, and we look at a few different factors when evaluating portability. 

The first is the hammock stand’s packed size, or its dimensions when it’s completely broken down and packed away. Even the most compact portable hammock stands tend to run on the “long” side when taken down, so make sure you factor in the total length of any stand you’re considering to ensure it’ll fit both in your vehicle and back at home when not in use. 

Best Portable Hammock Stands - Portability_Storage
When it comes to both weight and packed size, the Eno Nomad is king.

The second factor here is weight. Weight is important because even if your hammock stand of choice packs down to the size of a camp chair, you’re not going to want to tote it around if it weighs 80 pounds. The best portable hammock stands weigh in under the 20 pound mark, but due to their premium materials, they’re also typically a bit more expensive. 

Lastly, a good portable hammock stand should come with a carry bag. This may seem like a no-brainer as no one wants to haul around a bunch of awkward metal tubes, but for whatever reason, some companies don’t include (or even offer) a bag for transporting their stands. Granted, finding a nice canvas sling or bag isn’t particularly difficult, but it isn’t exactly convenient either. 

Materials & Durability

Most hammock stands are made from steel tubing, which is great from a strength and durability standpoint, but not so great for weight and portability. For this reason, the best portable hammock stands are made from aluminum, and are generally worth spending the extra money on if you’ll be transporting your hammock regularly. 

Best Portable Hammock Stands - Materials and Durability
Aluminum is your best bet for rust and corrosion resistance, but a high-quality steel stand like the Grand Trunk seen here will hold it’s own as well.

Aluminum also has the added benefit of being rust-proof, which is a big plus assuming you’ll be taking your hammock outdoors. Aluminum is safe in the rain, and is also safe to take to the beach because unlike steel, the salty air won’t cause accelerated rust and corrosion. 

Of course steel is still a popular option here, and when done right, it still works great while saving you some money. If you’re considering a steel stand, look for metal that has been either powder coated, treated for corrosion resistance, or both. 

Ease Of Use

Along with portability, ease of use is the other major “convenience factor” you’ll want to consider when shopping hammock stands. Hammocks are meant for relaxation, so assembling and taking down your stand shouldn’t be a stressful experience. 

Best Portable Hammock Stands - Ease of Use
Tool-free assembly and adjustments like those found on the Kammok Swiftlet make living with a hammock stand hassle-free.

We prefer hammock stands that can be assembled entirely by hand, with no special tools required. More budget-friendly stands often use threaded nuts and bolts for hardware, which means you’ll have to remember to pack a few hand tools everywhere you go, and also adds a degree of difficulty to the setup process. 


Taking all the above into consideration, we found the Kammok Swiftlet to be the best portable hammock stand overall. The Swiftlet’s combination of smart design, premium quality, and fantastic portability make it a standout product, but its ability to convert your hammock into a compact chair is a feature no other stand can match. 

Best Portable Hammock Stands - Conclusion
The Kammok Swiftlet: Our pick for the best portable hammock overall.

If you’re looking for the lightest and most compact option available, the Eno Nomad’s unique overhead design and premium quality materials are like nothing else on the market. Eno built this stand with the same quality and attention to detail that have made their lightweight hammocks synonymous with outdoors hangs, and the difference is plain to see. 

Lastly, if you’re looking for a solid stand that won’t break the bank, we recommend checking out either the Lazy Daze stand or the Grand Trunk Hangout. Both are extra tough and budget friendly, but if you want a bit more weather protection and have a few extra dollars to spend, the Hangout is a fantastic bargain. Finally, if you’re not sure about which hammock bed you need, feel free to check out our roundup of the best hammock beds.

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