How To Choose The Best JetBoil Stove For Your Next Trip

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Whether you’re an ultralight backpacker looking to boil water at lightspeed or a culinary wizard making risotto by the light of a headlamp, the best JetBoil stoves can truly do it all.
Best JetBoil Stove - Intro
The JetBoil Mighty Mo (+ FluxRing cookpot): Our Best Choice Overall – Photo from manufacturer

This is our in-depth review of the best JetBoil stoves currently on the market. The JetBoil lineup has grown to accommodate a wide variety of outdoor activities over the years from backpacking to basecamping, and that’s great news for us outdoors enthusiasts. Jetboil stoves are known for outstanding quality, high fuel efficiency, and innovative technology. These stoves are also built to last from premium quality materials, and boil water faster than the vast majority of brands on the market.

We tested and analyzed all of the models in the current JetBoil catalog and found that the JetBoil MightyMo is the best stove overall for our needs. Its power, durability, and outright versatility make it a serious outdoors asset, especially when paired with JetBoil’s 1.5L FluxRing cook pot.

The MightyMo won’t be the perfect stove for every camper though, and for anyone preferring a quick and easy all-in-one solution, there may be a better option in the list below.

If you’re brand-spankin’-new to the JetBoil scene (or just need a refresher), we’ve also included an in-depth buyers guide down at the bottom to explain some of the technology that makes these stoves special.

Right, lets get cooking!

JetBoil MightyMo: Best Overall & Best All-RounderA lightweight backpacking stove with impressive output and simmer control. Pair with the MightyMo Cook Pot set for the best JetBoil setup currently available. See Review
JetBoil Stash: Best For Ultralight BackpackingA compact option with fantastic boil times and ultralight titanium construction. Trades some premium features for ultimate packability. See Review
JetBoil MiniMo: Best Option With Integrated Pot SystemA backpack-friendly option with convenience features baked in. Heavier than the Stash, but a great option if cooking is a priority. See Review
JetBoil Genesis Basecamp: Best For Basecamp & Car CampingA powerful dual-burner range in an impressively compact package. Works seamlessly with JetBoils largest cookpot and skillet options. See Review
JetBoil Zip: Best On A BudgetJetBoil performance at an entry-level price. It’s limited by its smaller size, but still punches way above its price point. See Review
JetBoil MicroMo: Honorable MentionA fully-featured Jetboil scaled down for ultralight backpacking use. Ideal for solo missions in tough conditions. See Review

Best Jetboil Stoves

JetBoil MightyMo: Best JetBoil Stove Overall

Best Jetboil Stove - JetBoil Mighty Mo

Boil time (1L): 3 min 15 sec
Weight: 3.3 oz (95 g)
Packed size: 4” x 4” (10cm x 10cm)
Stabilizers: Yes
Integrated pot: Optional
Price: $

Taking our spot for the best JetBoil stove overall is the JetBoil MightyMo. This might surprise some of you as the MightyMo doesn’t have any of the features we associate with typical JetBoil stoves like a FluxRing cook pot with an integrated burner, but hear us out: the MightyMo is an exceptional all rounder stove.

The MightyMo has two main features that make it our favorite overall. First, it’s got the best burner control in the entire JetBoil line. The MightyMo has four full turns of adjustability, each one with a noticeably different output. This allows you to dial in a low simmering flame when you want to slow cook a sauce or a stew, a moderate flame when you’re looking to saute some veggies, or a roaring flame when it’s time to sear some red meat. And don’t worry, if you crank this bad boy up to the max, you’re still getting that infamous 10,000 BTUs of power JetBoil is known for.

Best Jetboil Stove - JetBoil MightyMo 2
The MightyMo is affordable, but still brings the power, making it a favorite for backpackers on a budget.

Surprisingly, our second favorite feature about the MightyMo is the price. Believe it or not, the MightyMo is the least expensive stove JetBoil offers, and that includes our budget pick below, the JetBoil Zip. Now part of that is due to the fact that the MightyMo is essentially a minimalist backpacking stove: Tipping the scales at a measly 3.3 ounces (not counting the included stabilizer) and packing down to roughly four inches square, the MightyMo checks all the boxes for even the pickiest backpackers.

Price is important here, because what really makes this stove special is the 1.5L JetBoil Cook Pot. By adding this specially-designed cookpot in the mix, you’re essentially upgrading to all the best parts of the JetBoil system and still coming in at an awesome pricepoint. This cook pot includes JetBoil’s FluxRing burner and insulating cozy technologies for fast and efficient cooking, and its 1.5L size leaves plenty of room to pack in your fuel, stove, and stabilizer.

Best Jetboil Stove - JetBoil MightyMo 3
The MightyMo doesn’t include a cookpot, but many backpackers will prefer to save that money and choose their own cookwear options anyways.

Ultimately the only shortcoming of the MightMo is that without the cook pot set, it’s just an incredibly light and versatile backpacking stove but… Don’t you want one those anyway? 

– Excellent simmer control
– Lightweight and portable enough for backpacking duty
– Capable of serious cooking when paired with the JetBoil cook pot
– Excellent price by itself or with the pot included
– Boil time is great, but still longer than integrated JetBoil models
– Cook pot set required to take advantage of the best features

Jetboil Stash: Best For Ultralight Backpacking

Best Jetboil Stove - Jetboil Stash

Boil time (1L): 5 minutes
Weight: 7.1 oz (201 g)
Packed size: 4.4 in x 5.1 in (11.2cm x 13.0cm)
Stabilizers: Yes
Integrated pot: Yes
Price: $$

If you’re looking for the best backpacking stove for your next thruhike or backpacking trip, the JetBoil Stash is tough to beat. This is JetBoil’s lightest, most compact all-in-one stove system, and it checks all the boxes of your typical ultralight hiker.

For instance, the Stash weighs in at a scant 7.1 oz thanks to its all-titanium burner and FluxRing cookpot. That weight includes everything you need aside from the fuel canister itself, and can be reduced by another 27 grams by leaving out the included folding stabilizer.

Best Jetboil Stove - JetBoil Stash 2
We’ve been backpacking with the Stash for years, and love that everything you need packs into the pot including fuel and a lighter.

It’s also imminently packable thanks to JetBoil’s nesting design system, which allows you to pack everything you need inside the cookpot including the stabilizer, burner, and a 100g fuel canister. There’s even a small compartment integrated into the JetBoil Stash’s lid that allows you to store a mini Bic lighter on top of the fuel canister. Backpackers, rejoice.

The Stash is a popular option for thru-hikers, but it’s got a few downsides that you’ll want to consider depending on your cooking style. First, because this JetBoil prioritizes weight and portability, it’s got a smaller cookpot than most of the lineup. The pot only holds up to .8 liters, which is more than enough to boil water for dehydrated foods or hot drinks, but isn’t ideal for large portions or cooking up gourmet backcountry meals. This backpacking stove also lacks the insulating handguard of other models, which makes boil times a little slower (objectively speaking, the Stash only takes about 2.5 minutes to boil its .8L of water, and you’ll need even less for most dehydrated meals) and limits handling to the silicone-wrapped handle.

Best Jetboil Stove - JetBoil Stash 3
If you’re planning on sticking to simple “just add hot water” meals, the Stash has everything you need.

Still, there’s no better Jetboil out there for the fast and light crowd who prefer simpler meals out on the trail. It’s also worth mentioning that the Stash’s stove arms are plenty long enough to handle JetBoil’s larger pot options, so you can always work a second cook pot or pan into your rotation for serious cooking duty later on.

– Lightest and most compact all-in-one Jetboil system available
– Everything packs down into the cookpot
– High powered burner for super fast boiling
– Smaller cook pot best suited for boiling water
– Canisters larger than 100g don’t fit inside the cook pot

JetBoil MiniMo: Best Option With Integrated Pot System

Best Jetboil Stove - Jetboil Minimo

Boil time (1L): 4 min 30 sec
Weight: 14 ounces (397 grams)
Packed size: 5” x 6” (13cm x 15 cm)
Stabilizers: Yes
Integrated pot: Yes
Price: $$

If you’re looking for a backpacking stove like the Stash above, but are willing to carry a few extra ounces for some creature comforts, take a look at the JetBoil MiniMo.

In many respects, the MiniMo cook system is similar to the Stash. The MiniMo is fairly light and compact, boils super fast, and features a cookpot that’s designed to house both a 100g fuel canister, the burner, and the included stabilizer.

Best Jetboil Stove - JetBoil MiniMo 2
We think of the MiniMo as a “premium” version of the Stash with a beefier burner and a larger insulated cook pot.

Where the MiniMo differentiates itself, however, is its burner. That’s because the JetBoil MiniMo uses the same full-sized burner found on other popular stoves like the JetBoil Flash, which allows it to lock securely to the bottom of the included cookpot for increased stability and faster, more efficient heating. We also love that this burner is compatible with JetBoil’s pot support accessory (also included), which locks into place for stable cooking with any other pot or pan of your choosing.

We also love the included cookpot on the MiniMo, which is essentially a compact version of JetBoil’s other popular insulated cookpots. Because it’s both wider and larger than the Stash (it’s a full liter), the MiniMo is better suited to simple cooking tasks like boiling pasta. It’s still a stretch for more complicated meals, but the burner has decent simmering performance, so you can get creative with smaller portions or just step up to a larger pot when you want to.

Best Jetboil Stove - JetBoil MiniMo 3
If you don’t mind carrying a few extra grams, the MiniMo’s full-featured cookpot is worth having.

Of course the larger pot means this JetBoil doesn’t pack down quite as small as the Stash, and it also adds a considerable amount of weight (7.5 ounces, to be exact), but at 14.6 ounces all-together, the MiniMo is still a great option for any backpacker’s cook system and our top pick for integrated pot stoves.

– Larger pot size allows for basic cooking
– Piezo igniter is super convenient
– Locking burner base supports cook pot or included pan support
– Slightly larger and heavier than the JetBoil Stash
– You’ll have to bring along the pot support if you want to cook serious meals

Genesis Basecamp System: Best For Basecamping And Car Camping

Best Jetboil Stove - Genesis

Boil time (1L): 3 min 15 sec
Weight: 9.1 lbs (4.1 kg)
Packed size: 11” x 11” x 9” (28cm x 28cm x 23cm)
Stabilizers: N/A
Integrated pot: No
Price: $$$

JetBoil stoves are all about power, convenience, and portability. Their take on the basecamp stove is no different.

The JetBoil Genesis is essentially a portable two-burner range, boasting 10,000 BTUs of power to boil, simmer, or sear any meal you can think up. It’s a great alternative to a traditional camping range that packs down to a fraction of the size.

Best Jetboil Stove - Genesis Basecamp 2
The Genesis is a full-sized option for base camping or car camping, which makes it ideal for outdoor gourmets.

It’s definitely the largest and most expensive stove in the JetBoil lineup, but compared to similar camp grills from leading manufacturers like Camp Chef or Coleman, it’s incredibly compact and competitively priced.

If price is a concern, the JetBoil Genesis can be purchased as a standalone unit, but for our money we’re going with the all-inclusive Genesis Basecamp System. That’s because JetBoil includes both a 5-liter cookpot (with their patented FluxRing technology, of course), as well as a 10-inch nonstick skillet with the full system. 

Best Jetboil Stove - Genesis Basecamp 3
The Genesis isn’t cheap, but it includes both the burners and Jetboil’s unique “Fluxring” cook pots for the price.

Normally we wouldn’t be too excited about paying an upcharge for cookware, but we’re happy to make an exception in the case of the Genesis considering both the two burner stove itself and the non-stick skillet pack down neatly into the 5 liter cookpot, giving you a single grab-and-go option for your next outing that’s as convenient as it is portable. You also get an attachable windscreen for your money, which makes cooking in moderate winds a breeze.

– Everything but the fuel packs down into the cooking pot
– Serious outdoor cooking range capability
– Included pot, pan, and accessories are a great value
– Largest, heaviest, least portable JetBoil system
– Expensive

JetBoil Zip: Best On A Budget

Best Jetboil Stove - Jetboil Zip

Boil time (1L): 5 min
Weight: 11.8 ounces (335 grams)
Packed size: 4” x 4” x 7” (10cm x 10cm x 18cm)
Stabilizers: Yes
Integrated pot: Yes
Price: $$        

If you want to try the boiling power of a JetBoil stove for yourself but aren’t quite ready to spend money on something like the MiniMo, the JetBoil Zip is right up your alley.

The Zip includes all the basic features that make classic JetBoil stoves unique like the integrated FluxRing cookpot and an insulating cozy that’s safe to touch, but leaves the extras like titanium construction and the accessory pot support out to keep the price down. Mind you it’s still compatible with the pot support and other popular accessories like a coffee press or a hanging kit (ideal for big wall climbers), but you can always buy those later if you decide you want them.

Best Jetboil Stove - JetBoil Zip 2
The Zip provides everything you need and nothing you don’t, and saves a few dollars in the process.

A few other high points worth mentioning are the Zip’s lid, which includes both a sip-through/pour through spout as well as a strainer (perfect for pasta) on the opposite side, and the included bottom cover, which keeps your FluxRing safe from dents and dings and also doubles as a measuring cup and a food bowl for whatever you’re cooking.

Best Jetboil Stove - JetBoil Zip 3
Pasta strainer, measuring cup, or food bowl: The versatility of the Zip’s cook pot is built for the backcountry.

Of course for this price the JetBoil Zip has a few shortcomings compared to higher-priced models that you’ll want to be aware of. First, the burner’s output is limited to 4,500 BTUs. That’s still enough for the Zip to boil its smaller .8 liter capacity in under three minutes, but limits its applications for serious cooking. Another common complaint with the Zip is its burner control, which uses a compact polymer knob rather than the usual extended wire design to dial in the perfect flame. Some users complain that it puts their hands a little too close for comfort when making adjustments on the fly, but with a little practice it’s a minor flaw at best.

– Least expensive integrated canister system
– Features all the JetBoil mainstays like a FluxRing cookpot and an insulated cozy
– Still manages fast boil times
– Smaller capacity cookpot limited mainly to boiling water
– Lower burner output
– Simplified control knob can be tricky

JetBoil MicroMo: Honorable Mention

Best Jetboil Stove - JetBoil MicroMo 1

– Boil time (1L): 4 min 30 sec
– Weight: 12 oz (340 g
– Packed size: 6.5” x 4” (17cm x 10cm
– Stabilizers: Yes
– Integrated pot: Yes
– Price: $$

We’ve come to think of the JetBoil MicroMo as a luxury stove for the ultralight backpacker. The MicroMo packs all the same top-shelf features as the flagship Jetboil Flash, but somehow shrinks the whole production down to the size of a coffee mug. 

Best Jetboil Stove - JetBoil MicroMo 2
The MicroMo packs all of Jetboils premium features into an ultra-compact stove kit.

Our favorite part about the MicroMo is that despite its spritely size and weight, it still features Jetboil’s advanced regulator diaphragm and a piezo ignitor, making this one of the best backpacking stoves out there for winter weather. We also appreciate that Jetboil managed to cram a compact version of their wind-blocking shroud into the burner, making the MicroMo equally well suited for windy conditions. 

As for the cookpot itself, the MicroMo gets the smaller .8 L version of the Fluxring cup, albeit with an ultralight version of their insulated wrap. This helps to keep boil times down to a respectable 4.5 minutes or so, while also making the MicroMo a suitable cup for your morning coffee using its sip-through lid. 

Best Jetboil Stove - JetBoil MicroMo 3
An advanced regulator diaphragm combined with a wind shroud and piezo ignitor make the MicroMo a great choice for cold and/or windy days.

Drawbacks here are minimal, as the MicroMo is without a doubt one of the most feature-rich ultralight rigs out there, but our main complaint is that the MicroMo’s burner matches its scaled-down size, delivering just 6,000 BTUs rather than the 10,000 of the MightyMo. We’ll also note that while we’ve experienced no issues with the sip-through/strainer lid of the MicroMo, many owners complain that the lid doesn’t securely snap onto the cup, so you’ll want to double-check yours before you throw out the receipt. 

– Ultralight yet feature-rich
– Excellent for cold weather and high wind
– Excellent simmer control
– Issues reported with lids
– Lower output burner

Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The Best JetBoil Stove

Photo by Kyle Peyton

If you’re considering buying a JetBoil stove, we think you’re about to make a smart decision. With that being said, they’ve got a couple other models in their lineup that we didn’t cover here (like the Flash and Sumo) that could potentially suit your specific needs as well. Whatever stove you decide on, here’s the quick-and-easy explanation on what makes a JetBoil a Jetboil.

What makes JetBoil a solid choice?

To put it simply, there’s just no faster and more fuel efficient way to boil water in the backcountry. JetBoil stoves use a proprietary FluxRing technology which features a ring of metal fins around the base of their integrated pots to dramatically increase their overall surface area.

Best Jetboil Stove - Solid Choice
Those little metal folds around the Jetboil pot make for a more efficient stove that heats water faster with less fuel.

This greatly improves heating efficiency, which means you’ll use less liquid fuel to heat meals or boil water. Boiling water plays a huge role in camp stoves of all kinds, so let’s dig a little deeper into that specific feature. 

Boil Times

You’ll hear the term “boil times” a lot when we talk about camp stoves. As the name suggests, this is the amount of time it takes a stove or stove system (including the cook pot) to boil a given amount of water, which is typically 1 liter for the sake of testing.

Best Jetboil Stove - Boil Times
A proper Jetboil pot will speed up your boil times, especially with the pot lid in place to better trap heat.

Boil times have always been a strong suit of JetBoil stoves, and even their non-integrated systems like the MightyMo famously manage to boil water in about three minutes. Those are great numbers, but they’re no match for the integrated systems like the JetBoil Flash, which boast unrivaled boil times of 100 seconds flat.

Weight & Packability

Depending on your intended use, the weight and packability of your JetBoil stove may or may not be a deciding factor. If you intend to use your JetBoil for backpacking duty though, you’ll want to be mindful of its overall packed size and weight.

Best Jetboil Stove - Weight and Packability
 If weight and size are a major concern, a standalone Jetboil without the included pot might be the right stove option for you.

That doesn’t mean you need to stick to shopping standalone backpacking stoves though. JetBoil’s integrated canister and pot systems do a neat trick by allowing you to pack your stove, fuel, stabilizer, and lighter/igniter of choice all inside the integrated cookpot. You need a cookpot for camp meals anyways, so the ability to carry everything you need to heat water or cook meals inside the cookpot itself is a huge boon for space savings and overall convenience.


Generally speaking, all JetBoil stoves (both integrated pot systems and standalone versions) have proven to be as durable and reliable as they come in the backcountry. If you’re looking at an integrated cookpot option, you’ll be pleased to know that JetBoil includes a protective bottom cover (which doubles as a measuring cup and food bowl) with each set to keep the FluxRing out of harm’s way.

Best Jetboil Stove - Durability
The additional guard on the bottom of full-sized Jetboils helps protect the Fluxring heat exchangers underneath.

Even models that don’t include this cover have proven to be durable though, including the JetBoil Stash we’ve been taking along on our backpacking trips for the past year. In fact the only common durability complaint associated with JetBoil products is that the insulated hand-cozy found on most integrated models can lose its elasticity over time. These cozys are inexpensive to replace and readily available online though, so it’s hardly an issue worth mentioning considering their added convenience.

Weather Conditions

JetBoil stoves work well in most all weather conditions, including serious cold thanks to an internal regulator that’s designed to provide steady performance down to 20-degrees Fahrenheit (-6 Celsius). Like many canister stoves, they tend to struggle a bit when the wind starts blowing through, so you’ll want to seek out a windbreak of some kind (or build your own) to get the best performance out of your JetBoil when it’s windy out.

Cooking Features

As previously stated, these stoves are incredibly powerful, with most models putting out 10,000 BTUs of heat at full blast, which is comparable to what you’ll get on a dedicated propane cooktop. BTUs (or British Thermal Units) are the standard measurement for a stove’s output, with one “BTU” being the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a full pound of water by one degree. That means higher BTU outputs are ideal for backpackers who primarily eat dehydrated meals that only require hot water to reconstitute.

Best Jetboil Stove - Cooking Features
Most Jetboil stoves feature a powerful 10,000 BTU burner as well as excellent simmer control for slow cooked meals.

JetBoil stoves aren’t just limited to boiling water, though. Some models (like the MightyMo) do it better than others, but all JetBoil stoves can be turned down to achieve a nice, low-to-medium heat setting that’s perfect for simmering sauces or sauteing vegetables like onions or spinach. That means you’ll always have the option of getting fancy with your backcountry cuisine, and all you’ll need to make it work is the right cookpot.


Best JetBoil Stove - Conclusion
The JetBoil Stash: Our Best Ultra-Light Choice – photo from manufacturer

Although we’ve chosen the MightyMo as our best JetBoil stove, there really isn’t a universal “best” choice out there. The MightMo is an incredible stove, which is powerful and compact, yet also has great cooking potential thanks to its highly-adjustable burner. Ultimately it’s the versatility (and price!) of this little wonder that got it to the top of our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only serious choice.

Many campers are drawn to JetBoil stoves due to their integrated pot designs, all of which are high quality and similarly versatile, especially when used with JetBoil’s pot support accessory. If you’re looking for an all-in-one system that’s compatible with the widest range of JetBoil goodies, we highly recommend the JetBoil MiniMo as an all-in-one solution that’s packable but still includes all the premium features Jetboil is known for. And, of course, if weight and size are top priorities for you, the JetBoil Stash system makes for a great backpacking companion with about half the weight penalty.

If you’re sticking to a tight budget to maximize your time on the trail, there’s always the Jetboil Zip, which offers all the basics a backpacker needs without the titanium bling. All of these stoves are as powerful as they are durable, and will make fantastic additions to your outdoor gear collection.

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