Best Hammock Beds For Deep And Restful Sleep

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Combining weightless relaxation and laid-back style, the best hammock beds will have you dozing like a pro indoors and out.
Best Hammock Bed - Introduction
The Original Pawleys Island Quilted: Our choice for the best hammock bed overall. 

This is The Wise Adventurer’s guide to the best hammock beds currently on the market. Hammock beds are a unique alternative to traditional sleep systems, combining the convenience and portability of a hammock with the same deep and restful sleep as a premium mattress. 

After testing and analyzing dozens of hammock beds on the market, we found the Pawleys Island Quilted Hammock to be the best hammock bed currently available. Pawleys Island has been producing handmade hammocks with unmatched quality and craftsmanship for over 100 years, and their Quilted model’s combination of a lay-flat spreader bar design and a plush quilted sleeping surface is like nothing else out there. 

Pawleys Island hammocks won’t be for everyone though, and that’s ok. Some customers will prefer a hammock that can live outdoors year-round, while others may never take their hammocks outside of their bedrooms. Whatever your intended use, the list below will have something that’s perfect for any sleep style or budget. 

Not sure what’s the difference between spreader bar, Brazilian or open weaves hammocks? Check out our buyer’s guide down below! There we break down the different types of hammocks, materials, and hanging systems that you’ll need to know to make the right choice. 

Ok, let’s get started!

Summary Table:

Original Pawleys Island Quilted: Best Hammock Bed OverallTop quality materials, fantastic comfort, and solid all-weather chops. Handmade in the USA with impressive attention to detail. See Review
Eno SuperNest: Highest Overall QualityExtra-plush materials with a modern design. Bulletproof construction with true weatherproof materials that can work outdoors full time. See Review
Vivere Double Hammock Combo: Best Hammock Bed On A BudgetA durable Brazilian-style hammock that includes a collapsible steel stand at an outstanding price. 100% cotton fabric makes itsoft and comfortable on the skin. See Review
Yellow Leaf Signature DoubleA hand-made open weave hammock that combines outstanding ventilation with serious comfort. Every purchase supports impoverished rural communities in Thailand. See Review
Hammock Sky Brazilian DoubleComfortable Brazilian-style hammock at an outstanding price. An excellent balance of quality and affordability. See Review

Best Hammock Beds

Original Pawleys Island Quilted Hammock: Best Hammock Bed Overall

Best Hammock Bed - Pawleys Island Quilted

– Weight capacity: 400 lbs (181.4 kg)
– Folded dimensions: 55” x 13” x 13” (140cm x 33cm x 33cm)
– Unfolded dimensions: 156” x 55” (396cm x 140cm)
– Overall weight: 14 lbs (6.4 kg)
– Materials: Sunbrella/Duracord
– Best use: Indoor/Outdoor
– Price: $$$

Often imitated but never duplicated, there’s nothing else on the market quite like an authentic Pawleys Island hammock. Pawleys Island invented the original spreader bar hammock over a century ago, and these durable, hand-made hammocks have been built by craftsmen in the Carolinas over since. 

The Pawleys Island Quilted lack nothing in comfort or quality. The spreader bars are made from varnished oak, the rugged hardware is zinc-plated to resist rust and corrosion, and the fabrics themselves are utterly bulletproof and highly weather-resistant to both sun and rain. Pawleys Island became famous for their traditional rope hammocks, but it’s their quilted fabric version that takes the cake for us. 

We love the Pawleys Island Quilted because it combines the brand’s legendary durability with a uniform padded sleeping surface that’s even more comfortable than the original. Pawleys Island constructs this fabric from two materials: The top fabric is sourced from the folks at Sunbrella, who manufactures the toughest solution-dyed acrylic fibers on the market. Sunbrella doesn’t fade in the sun and can even be washed with bleach without losing its color. The underside is made from Pawleys Island’s proprietary “Duracord” fabric, which is fast drying, highly resistant to mold, and highly abrasion-resistant as well. 

We have zero complaints with this hammock bed: Everything is made to the highest standards, and the lay-flat shape created by the hardwood spreader bars is an absolute joy to lay on. These hammocks are known to last for decades of use when properly cared for, making them a smart investment for hammock-lovers of all kinds. The Pawleys Island is definitely the most expensive hammock in our lineup, by considering its roughly in the same ballpark as other “premium” hammocks, we believe it’s well worth the money.  

– Unparalleled quality and durability
– Comfortable padded sleeping surface
– Built to handle years of sun and rain
– Expensive

Eno SuperNest: Best Overall Quality

Best Hammock Bed - Eno Supernest

– Weight capacity: 400 lbs (181.4 kg)
– Folded dimensions: 24” x 14” x 14” (61cm x 36cm x 36cm)
– Unfolded dimensions: 96” x 55” (244cm x 140cm)
– Overall weight: 19.5 lbs (8.8 kg)
– Materials: Olefin/polyester
– Best use: Indoor/outdoor
– Price: $$$

If comfort and quality are your top priorities, but you also want something with a modern design, we can’t recommend the Eno SuperNest hammock enthusiastically enough. 

The SuperNest uses a spreader bar design for a flat sleeping surface, but also adds in quilted padding and advanced fabrics for superior weather protection. The entire body of the hammock is made from Olefin fiber, which is resistant to everything from moisture retention to fire, and also happens to be impressively lightweight. Olefin also happens to be moisture wicking, which is great to have for summer lounging. All the SuperNest’s hardware is made from either anodized aluminum or stainless steel as well, both of which are essentially rust and corrosion proof for the life of the product. 

We also love the extra creature comforts Eno throws into the mix here. The SuperNest includes two pillows that secure to the hammock body with toggles (a nice feature to have when it gets windy out) and hanging pockets with dividers on either side designed to hold your beverage of choice plus your phone/tablet/book etc.

The main drawback to the SuperNest is price, which can be a tough pill to swallow considering it costs even more than a Pawleys Island. The main justification for the price hike, however, is the beefed-up weatherproofing. While Pawleys Island hammocks are designed to stand up to years of sun and rain, it’s still recommended that you bring them inside for storage when not in use. Eno, however, designed the SuperNest to live outdoors year-round, so if a “set it and forget it” hammock is what you’re after, there’s no better choice.

– Plush design made from modern materials
– Bulletproof construction safe to leave outdoors all year
– Spreader bar design for a flatter sleep surface
– Very expensive

Vivere Double Hammock Combo: Best On A Budget

Best Hammock Bed - Vivere Double Hammock Combo

– Weight capacity: 450 lbs (204 kg)
– Folded dimensions: 40” x 8” x 8” (102cm x 20cm x 20cm)
– Unfolded dimensions: 130” x 63” (330cm x 160cm)
– Overall weight: 34.2 lbs (15.5 kg)
– Materials: Cotton/polyester
– Best use: Indoor
– Price: $

If you’re looking for a comfortable hammock bed but aren’t looking to spend a ton of money, the Vivere Double Hammock Combo is tough to beat. That’s because for under $100, you’ll get both a comfortable Brazilian cloth hammock and a steel stand to hang it in. Heck, Vivere even throws in a carry bag for the whole setup to sweeten the deal. 

Vivre makes these hammocks from soft cotton fabric, which means they feel extra soft against the skin and create zero pressure points on your body. The fabric is tough but not overly thick as well, so these hammocks are nice and durable without sacrificing too much in terms of ventilation for the warmer seasons. 

We also love that the steel stand the Vivere ships with is made from multiple collapsing sections of tubing, which means you can bring this hammock bed along with you for things like travel and outdoors excursions. Just break it down, throw it in the carry case, and go.

There’s a lot to love here, but as you might expect, a hammock setup this cheap comes with a few drawbacks. The first is that the body of the hammock is made entirely from cotton, which means you won’t want to leave it out in the rain or sun for extended periods. Granted, the entire thing is machine washable, so if you do happen to get rained on or dirty, it’s easy to clean, but it’s limited nonetheless. Vivere sells this hammock in multiple fabrics and colors as well (including the high-performance Sunbrella found on Pawleys island hammocks) but there are only a handful of color options available at the $100 price, and you’ll have to pay extra if you want a more outdoor-friendly fabric. 

– Stand and case included
– Excellent value
– Entire hammock is machine washable
– 100% cotton options are tough, but not the most outdoor-friendly
– Prices vary depending on the material

Yellow Leaf Signature Double

Best Hammock Bed - Yellow Leaf Signature Double

– Weight capacity: 400 lbs (181.4 kg) 
– Folded dimensions: 10 x 6” x 6” (25cm x 15cm x 15cm)
– Unfolded dimensions: 120” x 72” (305cm x 183cm)
– Overall weight: 1.7 lbs (0.8 kg)
– Materials: Acrylic  
– Best use: Indoor/outdoor
– Price: $$

Traditional rope sling hammocks get a bad rap for putting pressure points on your skin, but Yellow Leaf’s Signature hammock is not your typical sling hammock. That’s because Yellow Leaf hammocks are handmade using a special weave that utilizes over 150,000 tiny loops to evenly distribute weight across all touch surfaces. 

The result is a hammock bed that’s just as well ventilated and secure as a regular sling hammock, but also happens to be insanely comfortable to lay in for long periods at any angle. Adding to that comfort is Yellow Leaf’s proprietary “Performance Yarn” which is made entirely from acrylic fibers and feels soft and cozy against the skin.

Softness is great, but there’s actually another reason Yellow Leaf weaves their hammocks from this material: It’s completely weatherproof. Acrylic fibers are 100% synthetic fibers, which means they (a) don’t retain moisture and therefore won’t mold or mildew and (b) won’t fade or disintegrate from prolonged exposure to the sun. It’s also worth mentioning that this thin yet sturdy fabric allows the Yellow Leaf signature hammock bed to pack down much smaller than anything else on our list, tucking neatly into the included 10”x6” carrying case. 

Yellow Leaf hammocks aren’t quite as expensive as our top two choices above, but their main downside is still price, especially if you opt for their larger/higher capacity option. With that being said, it’s important to point out that your money is going to a good cause here. That’s because Yellow Leaf employs a workforce of 100% women from rural tribes in Thailand to weave their hammocks (each one is signed by the woman who made it), and dedicates a large portion of their profits to providing comfortable wages and a better quality of life to the people in these villages. 

– Comfortable with zero pressure points
– All-weather outdoor performance
– Compact and portable
– Expensive, but your money goes to a good cause

Hammock Sky Brazilian Double 

Best Hammock Bed - Hammock Sky Brazilian Double

– Weight capacity: 475 lbs (215 kg)
– Folded dimensions: 15” x 6” x 6” (38cm x 15cm x 15cm)
– Unfolded dimensions: 144” x 59” (366cm x 150cm)
– Overall weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)
– Materials: Cotton/polyester
– Best use: Indoor/outdoor
– Price: $

Not everyone is looking to use their hammock bed full time, and as such, it can be tough to justify dropping $100+ on the best hammock beds on the market. If you’re interested in trying one out for yourself but want to keep costs down, we recommend checking out the Hammock Sky Brazilian

This hammock is very much like the popular Vivere Brazilian hammock, but swaps out the steel stand for a simple set of hammock straps and a pair of carabiners to keep costs to a minimum. Generally speaking, the two share the same benefits. The Hammock Sky’s sleeping surface is made from a blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester though, so it trades a minor degree of softness for some added durability. You still get the same “cocoon effect” which swaddles your body from all sides to add stability and relieve pressure points. 

The Hammock Sky Brazilian’s all-fabric construction makes it surprisingly compact and easy to transport, and Hammock Sky includes a colorful carry bag with each hammock with enough space for the mounting straps/hardware. This hammock also boasts an above average weight capacity at 475 pounds, which makes it suitable for sharing with a partner. 

Drawbacks here are mainly the same as any other cotton hammock, meaning it’s more susceptible to mold and rot if allowed to get wet. That means you’ll want to minimize its exposure to intense sun or moisture, and always store it indoors when you’re not using it. We’ll also note that there have been some durability concerns reported by Hammock Sky customers, namely that the ropes of some hammocks have frayed or snapped during use. These issues are few and far between though, and considering the outstanding price of this hammock, we feel it represents a smart balance between quality and affordability.  

– Most affordable
– Solid woven surface
– Compact and easy to transport
– Can’t be left outside
– Durability concerns
– “Cocoon” feel isn’t for everyone

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Hammock Beds

Whether you’re looking for a full time bed to replace your mattress or a secondary place to grab some afternoon zzz’s, a hammock bed is a fun and convenient place to rest your head. There are quite a few options out there both in types of hammocks and how to hang them though, so let’s dive into the details of what makes the best hammock beds worth having. 

Hammock Types Explained 

The best hammock beds come in three main types: Spreader bar, open weave, and Brazilian. There’s some mixing and variation between the three, but here’s what to expect from each type. 

Spreader bar hammocks (also called Nicaraguan hammocks) are your classic backyard hammock design, employing a solid bar across either end of the hammock to create a flatter sleeping surface under tension. Spreader bar hammocks are typically the hammock of choice for side and stomach sleepers, as hammocks without these support bars tend to put uncomfortable pressure on your body unless you’re sleeping on your back. 

Best Hammock Bed - Pawleys Island Hammock
A classic Pawleys Island rope hammock, which uses a spreader bar design to create a lay-flat surface. 

The main drawbacks of spreader bar hammocks are that they tend to be less compact/portable (the two large bars don’t exactly pack down easily), and many users feel they’re less stable than sling-style hammocks because they don’t cradle you in place at your sides. A good spreader bar hammock is well-balanced to minimize this “tipping” sensation, but cheaper/poorly designed spreader bar hammocks have absolutely earned this reputation. 

The next type of hammock is the open weave hammock. These hammocks go by a few different names (rope hammocks, Mayan hammocks, ect.), but they share a common design. They’re made from woven fiber loops rather than a solid sheet of material, and use a traditional “sling” or “cocoon” type design that swaddles you from all angles. 

Best Hammock Bed - Yellow Leaf Hammock
An open weave hammock from Yellow Leaf, which maximizes ventilation and stability.

Open weave hammocks have two main benefits, the first of which being stability. Because these hammocks wrap around your body from all sides, there’s virtually zero chance of you tipping over and falling out of one, regardless of how you lay in it. The second benefit of open weave hammocks is that they provide excellent ventilation. Because the weave of the sleeping surface leaves gaps between each loop, there’s plenty of room for airflow, which is great for warm weather. 

Your main drawback with an open weave hammock is that the “cocoon” effect they have on your body means the only comfortable sleeping position for most owners is on their back. It’s also worth mentioning that on open weave hammocks with larger loops, the threads or ropes can create pressure points on your skin over time. 

Best Hammock Bed - Vivere Double Hammock Combo
Brazilian hammocks like this one offer the same stability as open weave sling hammocks, but tend to run a bit warmer due to their solid fabric surface.

Finally, we come to Brazilian hammocks. Brazilian style hammocks use the same “cocoon” type design as an open weave hammock, but trade out the looser weave for a solid piece of fabric. Brazilian hammocks (also called Ecuadorian hammocks) share all the same benefits and drawbacks as open weave hammocks, with one major exception: Because they use solid fabric rather than a loose weave, they’re less prone to putting pressure points on your skin. The fabric used on these hammocks limits ventilation, however, making them better suited to cooler/ more mild climates for outdoor use. 


You’ve got two main things to consider when looking at hammock sizing. The first is the actual size of the sleeping surface, and the second is the total length of the hammock from end to end. 

In terms of the sleeping surface itself, you’ll want to make sure that the length of the sleeping area is at least a foot longer than your body. This extra space ensures you’ll have room to lay comfortably when the hammock is suspended without your head or feet coming into contact with the spreader bars or mounting hardware. 

The total length of your hammock (measured from mounting point to mounting point) is another important consideration, because you’ll need enough space to mount the hammock if you intend to sleep in it. Make sure to take measurements of the area(s) you plan to hang your hammock to ensure it will work in your space. Remember, it’s always better to have a hammock that’s slightly too short than one that’s slightly too long, as you can easily add straps or additional chain links to extend the overall length. 

Finally, we’ll point out that many hammocks come in two size options: Single and double. Single hammocks, as the name suggests, are designed for a single person to use. Some hammocks like the Yellow Leaf above have enough space for one or two people, but you’ll want to consider “double” options for some models if you’re planning on sleeping two people or just want extra space to stretch out. 


One of the best things about hammock beds is that unlike traditional mattresses, they’re easy to move around and can be used in multiple places throughout the day. Whether you choose to leave your hammock in one spot or several is up to you, but there are a few different options when it comes to hanging. 

The first (and arguably the easiest) is using a hammock stand. Hammock stands provide a secure spot to hang your hammock, and are the most convenient option for hanging. If you’re considering going with a stand, just make sure there’s enough space between the uprights/mounting points to fit the length of your hammock. 

Best Hammock Bed - Hanging
Hammock stands provide a consistent and reliable place to hang your hammock bed. 

Your second option is fixed mounting, which uses a set of anchors (typically stainless steel rings or hooks) to create a permanent mounting spot between two points. Fixed mounting is a popular option for indoor use, as it allows your hammock to be secured to any two studs between the walls in your room of choice. 

Hammock straps are another popular choice, and allow for greater flexibility in mounting options. Because hammock straps feature adjustable lengths, they allow you to easily move your hammock between fixed mounts indoors to the posts on your deck to your favorite pair of trees outside. Even if you’re planning on using fixed mounts or a stand, adding a good set of hammock straps to your quiver allows any hammock to be easily relocated and hung using a pair of carabiners. 

Materials And Durability

Many hammocks may look similar, but what ultimately sets them apart in terms of quality is the materials they’re made from. Both the fabrics and the hardware of a hammock play an important role here, so let’s break down the important aspects of each. 

In terms of fabrics, you’ve typically got two choices: Natural v. synthetic fibers. Natural fibers (typically cotton) are known for their soft touch and durability, but come with a major drawback: They retain moisture. For this reason, it’s not recommended to use cotton hammocks for extended outdoors use (especially in wet weather) as they’re prone to molding and rotting in short order. 

Synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and acrylic, on the other hand, tend to give up a little softness in exchange for all-weather performance. Not all synthetics are made equal, however, so make sure you pay attention to the specific type of synthetic fiber used, and verify that it’s approved for outdoor use. Sun and rain can break down more basic synthetics quickly, so we can’t stress this factor enough. 

Best Hammock Bed - Materials and Durability
Pawleys Island hammocks are famous for their quality materials, like the solid oak spreader bars coated in marine-grade varnish. 

The other main concern is hardware, which refers to everything from the bar in a spreader-bar hammock to the hanging loops and mounting hardware itself. Generally speaking, if you’re looking for a hammock that does double duty both inside and outside, it’s important to look for hardware that won’t rust or rot due to sun and rain exposure. That means you’ll want to look for either stainless steel or aluminum metals, and any wood used in a hammock should be treated with weatherproof finishes like the marine-grade varnish used on Pawleys Island hammocks. 


Taking all the above factors into consideration, we found the Pawleys Island Quilted hammock to be the best hammock bed currently on the market. Pawleys Island’s undisputable dedication to quality materials combined with the comfort of a quilted, lay-flat sleeping surface is simply the best in the business. 

Best Hammock Bed - Conclusion
The Eno SuperNest is our pick for best overall quality.

If you’re looking for something with unmatched quality that’s built to withstand sun, wind, and rain all year round, we recommend taking a look at the Eno SuperNest. The SuperNest is both insanely comfortable and insanely durable, and offers the same lay-flat surface as the Pawleys thanks to its aluminum spreader bar design, but all of the materials are safe to leave outdoors for the life of the hammock. 

Lastly, if you’re looking for a comfy hammock that won’t break the bank, take a look at the Vivere Double Hammock Combo. This comfortable Brazilian hammock is great on its own, but the fact that it includes a sturdy collapsible stand at such a low price makes it a clear winner in terms of value. 

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