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My goal is to help you enjoy the outdoors with reliable advice. I spend most of my life planning and experiencing epic adventures in the wild. I want to share with you what I learnt!


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Thomas – Founder and Editor-in-Chief


  • Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Wise Adventurer, dedicated to delivering top-notch product reviews and compelling content
  • 8+ years of outdoor industry experience, including key roles as Product Manager at Salomon 
  • Founder of the innovative outdoor brand Titan Equipment.


At the heart of The Wise Adventurer, Thomas steers the ship with genuine enthusiasm and a deep commitment to quality. As Editor-in-Chief, he’s actively involved in every stage of content creation, from carefully choosing products to conducting thorough tests and reviews. His aim is simple yet ambitious: to publish articles that are not only informative but also trusted guides for outdoor gear enthusiasts. He takes great pride in providing content that helps readers make smart, informed choices.

Thomas’s background, including his impactful stint at Salomon and the founding of Titan Equipment, gives him a unique and practical perspective on what makes outdoor products truly exceptional. Thomas is also an ultra trail runner, and completed various 60+ miles races in Europe. This wealth of experience is a boon for readers of The Wise Adventurer, who benefit from his insightful and honest reviews.


Backed by a Master in Marketing and Market Research from Sciences Po, a renowned French business school, Thomas has a solid understanding of the outdoor market. This educational journey has given him both the foundational knowledge and the critical skills needed to assess product quality and market trends in the outdoor industry.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Thomas is excited about growing The Wise Adventurer and developing further Titan Equipment. He aims to continue delivering high-quality content and innovative products that meet the real needs of outdoor lovers.

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