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Kurt Spurlock

Senior Gear Editor

I’m all about getting people out their front door to explore all the pristine wild places this world has to offer. When I’m not writing about exploring the great outdoors, you can find me out getting lost in it, either by van, motorcycle, or on foot.



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Kurt Spurlock – Senior Gear Editor


  • Expert in hiking, backpacking, and RVing with extensive experience testing hundreds of related products, ensuring comprehensive and hands-on reviews.
  • Notable contributions to well-known publications and brands such as Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, The Manual, The Miami Herald, and Yahoo! News
  • Committed to delivering real-world experiences and insights, aiming to guide outdoor enthusiasts with reliable product information.


Kurt Spurlock, a seasoned writer and outdoor enthusiast, brings a wealth of knowledge to the world of adventure and outdoor gear. His approach combines meticulous research with hands-on product testing, offering readers in-depth and trustworthy reviews. Kurt’s expertise stems from his passion for hiking, backpacking, and RVing, enabling him to evaluate products from a user’s perspective genuinely.

Kurt’s writing is not just informative; it’s fueled by his personal experiences and love for the outdoors. This connection to his subject matter resonates with his primary audience—outdoor lovers seeking reliable and practical advice for their adventures. His career journey includes significant contributions to various respected publications and brands, enriching his portfolio with diverse experiences.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Kurt enjoys exploring the world on his motorcycle, indulging in long road trips that further deepen his understanding of the adventurous lifestyle. Looking ahead, he aspires to expand his horizons, aiming to develop ‘The Wise Adventurer’ as a leading outdoor media outlet and continue his impressive trajectory in outdoor sports journalism.


Kurt’s foundational knowledge in journalism and writing was nurtured at Kennesaw State University. His academic background provided him with the essential tools for effective communication and storytelling. However, Kurt’s learning didn’t stop there. He embarked on a self-taught journey, delving deep into the world of outdoor activities and gear. This autodidactic approach allowed him to merge his academic knowledge with real-world experiences, creating a unique and authentic voice in his writing.

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